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E-consults in providing value-based care to the underserved populations

E-consults in providing value-based care to the underserved populations-: Real-world experience of the patients and primary care providers. Topics:  E-consults Digital health Underserved population Value based care Diversity-Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Improving access to quality healthcare A new study discussing the benefits of e-consults in – the underserved, underinsured population and brings to the forefront…

Physician’s Perceptions about E-consults

Physician’s Perceptions about E-consults Topics:  Digital Interprofessional Communication E-consults Direct patient care Access to care Value-based care This paper from the Dutch health care system unpacks the enormous impact digital Interprofessional Communication such as electronic consults have on patient care.   This qualitative study explores the views of General Practitioners (GPs) and hospital specialists about…